Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paper Landscape

I've been very neglectful of this blog, which is a shame, because I really do love working with paper. I'm a little amazed that several people have signed up to follow Paper Perks and I sincerely thank you for doing so. I'm hoping to do more paper cutting and mixed media work in the near future.
Meanwhile, I'll offer this little landscape made from scrapbooking paper from the local craft store. So many lovely colors and textures to choose from! Hope you enjoy it!



  1. Judy,
    Glad to see you're working with your paper blog again! I so enjoy both your work in fabric and in paper, and am moved to join the fun. And now that winter seems to be getting serious up here at the farm, there will be hours of indoor time to explore the possibilities of both. Anne's back here with me so we'll be encouraging each other like crazy. Looking forward to what's ahead for all of us!

  2. As lovely....calm, serene and peaceful! love it!

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  4. Judy,
    I thought you'd enjoy looking at the work of a woman I met at the Soldiers Grove art fair this fall who shows at our local gallery, VIVA. Her name is Barbara Hart Decker. You'll find a link to her blog on mine. Her work reminded me of a childrens book illustrator I admire and when I talked with her about this she shared with me the work she does with school kids in LaCrosse. Being a former middle school librarian, and in my life before children a middle school art teacher, I was truly excited about her.

  5. Love the depth of field in this piece.

  6. love the silver birch tree, the landscape is great Judy.

  7. Thank you very much for kind comments on my blog!

    This is such a beautiful, unique artwork. I've never seen something like this. Very impressive!